As of September 16th 2018, my favorite software (besides from Simple DNS Plus and Simple Failover) is:

Software Development

Server software

Desktop software / Utilities

  • VirtualBox -
    Amazing virtual machine software for the desktop.
    I prefer to use this over Hyper-V (which comes with Windows 10 Pro) because it is much easier to move virtual machines between host computers. I simply store the VM images on a portable harddisk and move this between host machines as needed. This is possible because VirtualBox (like VMWare Workstation) is a "level 2" hypervisor - meaning that hardware is virtualized. Hyper-V is "level 1" meaning that VMs interface directly with the hardware, and thus are much harder to move to a different host machine.
    I used VMWare Workstation for man years, but VirtualBox does exactly the same, only for free.

  • DropBox -
    Just the best. I have tried switching to Microsoft's OneDrive a few times actually (it offers more free GBs and integration with online Office programs), but I keep coming back to Dropbox because it just works better.

  • Evernote -
    To stay organized.

  • KeePass Password Safe -
    Great (free) program for storing passwords.
    Storing the (encrypted) password database on DropBox makes it easy to sync between computers and my (Android) phone.

  • CutePDF Professional -
    I mostly use it for scanning to PDF files, and for merging multiple PDF files into one.

  • TreeSize Free -
    Figure out what is using all that hard disk space.

  • Macrium Reflect -
    Great software for cloning / migrating harddisks.

  • SyncBackPro -
    For synchronizing folders, uploading websites, backing up cloud storage, etc.

  • FileZilla Client -
    Super FTP client.

  • CloudBerry Backup -
    For backing up PCs to the cloud. Using this with Amazon S3.

  • VeraCrypt -
    For making an virtual encrypted harddisk - which lives in a file on your regular harddisk.
    Better and cheaper than BitLocker - better because I don't have to encrypt the whole disk (which could cause others problems) and cheaper because it is free and BitLocker only comes with Windows 10 Pro. This is where I keep source code / Git repositories on my laptop. If someone steals the laptop, at least this stuff is safe.

  • 7-Zip -
    Great for working with zip files and other compressed file archives.
    I primarily use this because the built-in function for creating zip files in Windows 10 doesn't work with file names containing non-english characters.

Photography / graphics / video


  • Trello -
    Fantastic for organizing thoughts, todo-lists, and everything else. With apps for Android and iOS.

  • GitHub -
    THE Git respository site for open source.
    Hosting all our open source stuff here.

  • BitBucket -
    Nice Git respository site - free, also for for closed source, for up to 5 users.
    Hosting all our closed source stuff here.

  • Exchange online / Office 365 -
    Hosted e-mail for your own domain names.

  • StackEdit -
    Great markdown text editor in the browser - which means spell check included.

  • Slack -
    Our "intranet".

I have tried many different tools in all these categories over the years, and I can highly recommend all of the above over any competitors that I know of. If you know of any better alternatives please do tell me in the comments below - always looking for better toys :-)

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