Thursday, February 7, 2019

As I continue integrating Vue.js into our ASP.NET Web Forms based web-sites, I found that it would be really nice if there was some way to include .vue files (Vue.js Single File Components) into the mix - without getting into webpack, node, and all that just yet.

Using .vue files will allow me to break up complex stuff into smaller pieces, and I will be able to use the nice Vue.js Pack 2017 (Visual Studio 2017) and Vetur (Visual Studio Code) extensions for syntax-highlighting, intellisense, auto completion, debugging, etc.

So I have added this feature to the Vue.js ASP.NET Web Forms Helpers library (formerly "Vue Light .NET Web Forms").

Now I can "include" a .vue file in a Web Forms page like this:

<vue:Component File="/car.vue" runat="server" />

This will transform the .vue file into JavaScript which sets up the Vue.js component as part of the page. No webpack, no Node, just simple :-)

Check out the full sample at

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