As of November 29tht 2017, my favorite web apps are:

  • Trello -
    Fantastic for organizing thoughts, todo-lists, and everything else. With apps for Android and iOS.

  • Clubhouse -
    Great project management for software companies.

  • GitHub -
    The best online Git respository site.

  • Microsofts -
    Basically a free (web-based only) version of Office 365.
    I recently ditched my full Office 365 subscription in favor of this. So far I am not missing anything.

  • Exchange online (part of Microsoft Office 365) -
    Hosted e-mail for your own domain names.

  • StackEdit -
    Great markdown text editor in the browser - which means spell check included.

I have tried many different tools and I can highly recommend all of the above over any competitors that I know of. If you know of any better alternatives please do tell me in the comments below - always looking for better toys :-)

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