As of February 17th 2017, my favorite software (besides from Simple DNS Plus and Simple Failover) is:

Software Development

.Net Components


  • VMware Workstation -
    Amazing virtual machine software for the desktop. I might be able to do the same thing Hyper-V that comes with Windows 10 Pro, but in my experience with earlier versions, VMware just works better.

  • VirtualBox -
    Almost as nice as VMware Workstation - only free.

Desktop software / Utilities

Photography / graphics / video

  • Adobe Photoshop
    At one point I was deep into photography, and got use to working with this, so now I am kind of stuck. It is a very nice program, and with the new "Creative Cloud" subscription option, it is no longer as crazy expensive as it used to be. However for what I use it for today, I should have stuck with my good old Paint Shop Pro v. 9 (the last version made by Jasc - later versions by Corel were crap).

  • Adobe Lightroom
    Amazing for organizing photos and working with raw photo files.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements
    Nice program for basic video editing (clipping, merging, adding titles, etc.)

I have tried many different tools in all these categories over the years, and I can highly recommend all of the above over any competitors that I know of. If you know of any better alternatives please do tell me in the comments below - always looking for better toys :-)

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